Dr. Shareka’s Quick Guide to: Lip Augmentation


All lips are beautiful, but sometimes you may want a bit of a boost. Perhaps you’ve lost some volume in your lips as you’ve gotten older, or perhaps you’ve just always wanted full sexy lips and finally want to give it a try - whatever your reasons for your interest in lip augmentation, I can help.

Lip augmentation does more than just give you a great pout. Having fuller lips can change your face dramatically and benefit in other ways, such as reducing the appearance of small wrinkles around the mouth. The lip augmentation procedure enhances the volume and shape of your lips to achieve the look you’re hoping for. However, there are a few details its important you’re aware of when approaching lip augmentation.


 How do fillers work?

Dermal fillers are also a popular and successful way to treat lines and wrinkles for a fresher, youthful look.  Filler is usually used on the lower part of the face, unlike anti-wrinkle injections which are more commonly used on the upper part of the face.  The areas usually treated by fillers are laughter lines, the lips, the cheeks and any lines or wrinkles around the jawline.

Dermal fillers are an injection of a gel-like substance which physically plump out the line or wrinkle. This creates a sort of scaffold under the skin which forms a structure that stimulates your natural collagen to flourish. Eventually the body absorbs the filler substance, leaving only the natural collagen for authentic, long lasting results. Dr Sharekas dermal filler of choice is Belotero®   a leading filler brand unique for the way it integrates with your skin’s tissue.


Realistic Aims for Lip Augmentation

Naturally, lip augmentation can change the shape of your lips, (the clue’s in the name.) That said, you shouldn’t expect a lip augmentation procedure to dramatically change their core shape. In other words, if you come in with very straight, thin lips, you won’t be leaving with a full cupid’s bow.

Instead, lip augmentation can enhance the look and fullness of your natural lips, improving rather than completely changing what you already have. It improves your lips by making slight alterations to their shape, structure and volume. For example, if you have a full bottom lip and a thin top lip, I will be able to enhance your top lip for a more even, proportional shape. Equally, if you have thin top and bottom lips, I can enhance them both slightly to give you a fuller pout in proportion with your face.

Another detail to remember is that lip augmentation procedures are only temporary. They can last anywhere between three to six months, so be aware that if you’re happy with your lip augmentation you will have to return for further treatment down the line to maintain your new look.

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